Since July 1st, 2022, AMTEL has been integrated into the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) and has become of the MRL core facilities. Access policies, training and staff support request, instrument reservation, and billing now follow the same  procedures of the MRL facilities. The MRL has decades-long experience managing a complex pool of state-of-the-art equipment and providing access and support to researchers on our campus and from other external academic and industrial institutions. AMTEL facilities operation are overseen by MRL Director, Prof. Paul V. Braun, and MRL Central Research Facilities Director, Dr. Mauro Sardela. Long-term strategic plans and equipment purchase decisions take into account the support and feedback from the primary users of the lab such as members of the faculty and the previous AMTEL director, Prof. John Lambros, in addition to support from our Grainger College of Engineering leadership. Several equipment and data acquisition control software purchases and upgrades have been implemented to modernize the lab. With this seamless integration of AMTEL within the extensive shared facilities in the MRL, we hope to facilitate the complementarity between the various techniques offered by AMTEL and the existing MRL facilities for materials fabrication, processing, and characterization at micro and nanoscales.