AMTEL is consistently upgrading and acquiring new, the latest and cutting-edge equipment and resources for your testing and evaluation. This page lists some of the equipment which will available for use in the laboratory soon.

  • Field of view (zoom range): 0.8mm-7mm
  • Full-field measurements of 3D coordinates, displacements, velocities, and complete strain tensors
  • Automatic calibration
  • Image pairs can be automatically overlapped with a simple adjustment
  • Powerful tools for visualizing data
  • Contour displays which can be overlaid onto images of the test specimen
  • Data extraction from 3D plots based on user defined lines and circles

  • Post-processing tools for statistical analysis, stress-strain curves, and more
  • Convenient exporting of data with the FLEXPortTM¬†data tool
  • Data can be exported in Tecplot/plain ASCII, Matlab, and STL formats
  • Node data can be easily extracted for FEA validation